• Yes, the town should have some space to mourn.

    The tragedy in Newtown is naturally important news and the rest of the country as well as the world rightly wants to follow what happened there, but the town should also be given some space to mourn. To the people of Newtown these were children, siblings, neighbors, etc, and they need time to grieve for them, rather than be drawn into unwelcome debates on wider issues of mental health and gun control.

  • Yes, the media needs to back off Newtown.

    The media absolutely needs to back off Newtown. They have a right to grieve in peace. Everything they've gone through is horrific, they don't need the media there as well, making their private sorrow and media circus. We as the public do not need to know the intimate details of every funeral, it's none of our business.

  • Well...

    I'm just saying yes because I believe they need to back off certain aspects of Newtown. Instead of paying so much attention on the murderer pay more attention to the victims... talk about the heroes more so... and don't video tape the parents weeping over the loss of their children. It's not that it really needs to back off, but it needs to regulate what it shows/talks about as much.

  • Yes the actors don't need more money or attention.

    I'm sorry but that was all a hoax. The kids sang at the Super Bowl and the parents appear to be acting. It would be sad if it really happened but the evidence points out that it didn't. I'm not trying to be cruel but that's how I see it.

  • Really tough here but no

    There is some validity to "the media covering this so extensively is part of why it happens" but you can't act like a slaughter of literal children didn't happen, it's still an event I can't even fit the evil of into my head and we can't gloss over it. The media is in a tough spot, they're covering it too much or they're cold and callous for not covering it enough. Lets put things in place so it's a decision they don't have to make.

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