• Yes, it's more about entertainment.

    The media definitely offers a twisted view of life, because they're going for a story. The reason is that, even though they say they are about the news, they skew negative. For example, if something really wonderful happens, it's less likely to be reported than something horribly negative, like a mass shooting. So we tend to see a more negative view of the world than really exists.

  • Yes-- it offers a biased, cynical view of life

    The media likes to present very dark, cynical, and pessimistic views about life and dismiss the positive. For example, movies and TV shows often show families and relationships as being dysfunctional, and the news always focuses on murder, rape, war, and crime rather than positive events (like of a Good Samaritan helping somebody else). Sometimes the news also exaggerates certain things to make it seem as if something bad is "sweeping the nation" (like a killer drug or virus or crime spree), in order to make life seem scarier than it really is. If you were to go by the media, you'd think that life was all death, mayhem, and disaster when in reality, just as many positive things happen in the world as the bad.

  • Yes, media offers a deformed outlook on life.

    Yes, media tends to have a major disconnect with real people's reality and creates a deformed outlook on life. Entertainment media has very little about the average person because it really is not interesting. No one really wants to see there own life in the media. News media is corrupt and bias so often that a single simple story could turn into the crime of the century or the destruction of the world scenario. In the end, media is doing exactly what it want to do because it bring in revenue and viewers. The deformed outlook on life is just a small factor.

  • Media Being Controlled

    I believe the media does offer a deformed outlook on life. I believe this is because the government, at least in the United States, is exercising their control over the media to influence citizens positions and opinions. I believe the media is being forced into displaying these deformed outlooks. If they had a choice, I don't believe they would be doing it.

  • Skewed for viewers

    The media's outlook on the world is not necessarily the broadcaster's outlook, but is skewed towards fear and sensation. The news actually exists to gain viewers and is a business, so the stories that are show more often than they occur are the infrequent ones that illicit strong emotional responses from viewers.

  • No, media does not offer a deformed outlook on life.

    Media can deform lives but can also shape great ones.
    They inform the public on current events due to the fact that the government can’t control it. Information is key, media offers it excellently. The outlook of a person’s life will cause them to be open-minded, seeking valid reason. Media will just simply open our minds.

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