• Yes, the media over emphasizes violence in news reporting.

    Yes, the media over emphasizes violence in news reporting. The majority of the news coverage centers around violence when there were clearly many other events and happenings that were at least as significant. Unfortunately, news organizations have to draw in readers and viewers and the best way to do that is to shock them and cause fear.

  • It is out of hand.

    Every once in a while, the media goes crazy reporting on a certain issue. Several years ago, it was the summer of the shark, and every time there was a shark attack, it was a huge story. Now, the medial loves to report on violence by law enforcement officers. Really, the numbers haven't changed, it's just that the media is reporting on it now.

  • Yes, I think so.

    A mass media explosion occurred in the 20th century. Inventions such as the television set, the digital computer, and the videocassette player forever changed the way people gain information about the world, including information about how violent the world is. A recent national study reported that consuming media is a full-time job for the average American child, who spends about 40 hours per week doing it .

  • Yes, they do.

    Violence and sensationalism is part of what keeps peopel tuned into the news, no matter how they get their news. Most of what we see and what we hear is overhyped, which is why it is important to take what we see and hear with a grain of salt and draw our conclusions.

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