Does the media portray women cheating as romantic but male cheating as wrong

Asked by: JeriSwani
  • Its alittle sexist

    That picture is so true I see it all the time, in movies they make the girl cheating look ok and just as jeriswani said watch the notebook you will see the same thing. But then you look at the guys side and they cheat and they get frowned upon by everyone. Cheating is not right and everyone who cheats should get frowned upon

  • Watch the note book

    Ever since I watched that film this subject as always bugged me. When a women cheats its always a romantic affair even when she is cheating for no valid reason and her partner is treating her well. Makes no sence to me. The notebook seems to show that if the girl cheats its ok because it's love!

  • Only In Cheesy Erotica

    Women cheating is only portrayed as romantic in pseudo-erotic novels aimed directly at women who want to get lost in a self-indulgent fantasy. It's a silly fantasy, but one that people are more than entitled to. I don't think it's fair to begrudge somebody for their fantasies unless their fantasies are also crimes.

    Although I could certainly understand why it would strike a nerve if it's your wife having those fantasies.

    Even if that were the case, in real life the double-standard is flipped in the opposite direction more often than it's not. And most writers are aware of that and try very hard not to reinforce that.

    Real talk: Cheating is a symptom of a failing relationship. Regardless of how kindly said cheater is portrayed, it's evident that the pre-existing relationship is either over, or is about to be over either way.

  • More the opposite.

    Sure, romance movies tend to be in favor of women's actions because that is their target audience. Aside from that, society tends be the opposite. Men who have multiple partners are looked at as playboys were women who do are looked at as tramps. This view tends to be common in both men and women.

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