• There's good news too!

    In the news everyday are stories of mass killings, deaths of notable persons, natural disasters and other bad news. But great news happens too, all over the world, comparatively unreported by mainstream media. Like a town cleaning up its environment, human rights being enacted in some foreign oppressive state, or a district reporting record low crime rates. Those deserve mention too, to reassure readers that this world has hope in it.

  • Most is bad news

    The news that we see very day always includes something bad that has happened. Even if something good happens the bad instantly over shadows the good because people pay attention more if something bad happens and it not on purpose, it just happens naturally. The media needs to limit the amount of bad news they put out or talk about, and start talking about the good things that are going on. If they were to do this then maybe the world wouldnt seem like such a bad place.

  • Most is bad news

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