• Sure as hell does.

    Unbiased: BBC.
    Republican: FOX.
    Democrat: ABC, NBC, CNN, NBT (when it does report), CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, Most directors and heads of movie creation are liberal and many (admittedly not all) put subliminal messages in their work, Washington post, The current lead of Disney, as well as many writers for Cartoon network as well as other children television stations. I was about to put C-SPAN under unbiased because of their unbiased approach towards major and minor speeches as well as unbiased coverage, but more often then not they have speakers from the democratic party as well as interviews, so it's the least biased of the biased group, but still biased.

    No, I'm not some conspiracy theorist who believes "they're all after us", just saying their is a major (or as trump would say YUGE!) bias for democrats, not just in televised news stations, but in most televised society.

  • Yes, the media has a liberal bias.

    The media definitely suffers from a media bias. It is clear to see that anybody who watches networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc, that there is a liberal bias to the way the news are reported. I think that since the ratings of some of these channels have gotten worse, the bias seems to have been less though.

  • Yes, I believe the media does suffer from a liberal bias.

    I believe overall there is a tendency in the media to lean left or liberal versus leaning right or conservative, I believe the media is often more forgiving of Democratic politicians versus Republican politicians, I believe overall the media would like to shape the American mindset in a more liberal way as opposed to a conservative way so yes there is definitely a bias overall in the media.

  • Media Suffers from Freedom of the Press

    The media doesn't suffer from liberal bias. It suffers from freedom of the press as it investigates causes that journalists find worthy. There are tons of media outlets that claim to be unbiased that aren't. Yet many still strive for fair reporting. The media will always play an important role in American society as there should always be freedom of the press.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that the media is under any type of bias at all. I think that they will show either side in a bad way, and that all they care about is getting the people to watch their shows, so they do not care who it hurts.

  • There are different voices.

    No, the media does not suffer from a liberal bias, because there are many media outlets, and they speak to every different taste. It is true that some media outlets are biased, such as CBS when Dan Rather was running it, or MSNBC, but for each of those, there is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to balance it out.

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