• Yes, the media treats fraternities unfairly.

    The media does tend to treat fraternities unfairly. For example, fraternities are only in the media's spotlight when bad events occur in fraternity houses, such as overdrinking leading to death. In addition, many movies released to the public showcase the drinking culture in fraternity houses, instead of showing the brotherly, family-like side of fraternities.

  • Fraternities are not treated unfairly by the media.

    Fraternities have a long history of reckless and dangerous behaviour and it is entirely inappropriate to judge these kind of organizations based upon this legacy, as they have done nothing to rectify or even address their reputation. The framework of fraternities, as exclusionary, elitist cliques, does not lend itself to a glowing review and their negative treatment by the media is entirely fair.

  • No, the Media does not Treat Fraternities Unfairly

    No, the media does not treat fraternities unfairly. Whatever seemingly unfair reports that are found in the media regarding fraternities are due to historical facts concerning fraternities committing grave offenses to the society. Recently, for example, a fraternity was observed to have a party that was offensive to African Americans.

  • Fraternities bring media hailstorms upon themselves

    The media treats fraternities just like fraternities treat all non brothers. I think that with how privileged fraternities view themselves and with how muchpoorly they have treated outsiders, they deserve all that the media does and exactly how the media treats them. I think that fraternities do good too, though, with their volunteering but I almost view it as a way to fool the public so they can then party as much as they want and stand under the shadow of their community service.

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