• Yes they do

    A lot of drugs have serious side affects. Many prescription drugs have killed people in America and around the world. Are prescription drugs good? Well I think they are if administered by a doctor. But I think America is too dependent on drugs. We need to reclaim our health before we become slaves to the pharmaceutical lobby.

  • Overuse of Antibiotics Creates Mutated Diseases

    The overuse and over-prescription of antibiotics can cause diseases and germs to mutate, thereby making them more resistant to cures. Therefore, a new disease can be created that looks similar to the previous disease but the DNA is different. Antibiotic-resistant diseases cause more illnesses and create a culture of even more antibiotic production until the newly-mutated germs mutate again in the future.

  • I hope not

    Well I always thought that the medical industry's main reason in existing was to cure and prevent diseases, but not to create them of course. I would like to think that there are enough sick people as it is already to use in testing the effectiveness of their treatments that they would not need to create more sick people.

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