Does the merger of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar constitute a conglomerate?

  • Yes, a conglomerate is a combination of two or more corporations and this fits perfectly

    Yes, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar coming together in a merger is a conglomerate because they are two different businesses that do somewhat similar things but not the same. I think this will fit good for both groups because they can work together in the changing economy. They will have a chance to really change the way dollar stores work in the U.S.

  • I agree, the merger of Dollar Tree and Family dollar will create a conglomerate.

    The merger of leading dollar store businesses Dollar Tree and Dollar store will create a sizable company with large potential. Because both of these businesses have different target demographics to make them into one business with one target audience will be hard and the new company will have to operate these businesses as they are now. Two unrelated businesses operating in a large company is by definition a conglomerate.

  • The merger of Dollar Tree and Family Dollar has not formed a conglomerate

    A conglomerate usually occurs when a large corporation owns two businesses working in different industries. This would not hold true for the Family Dollar and Dollar Tree merger because they both are in the same industry. While some may say a conglomerate is just one large company in a single industry, I do not agree with this. For this reason I do not think the merger has created a conglomerate.

  • Merger of like business does not create a conglomerate.

    A conglomerate is two or more companies that are engaged in different types of business, but have a parent company. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are essentially the same kind of business and therefore would not be considered a conglomerate. Corporations such as SE Johnson would be considered a conglomerate as the parent company they have several subsidiary companies that cover areas of business such as cleaning products and medications.

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