Does the middle class today resemble the past's poor?

  • Yes todays middle class is more of the past's poor class.

    Toady's middle class is definitely a resemblance to the past poor class. They work just as hard as people from the poor class did back in the day, and they live in the same kind of situations that people who were poor before the 1950s lived in. Even though they are middle class now most middle class citizens do not even make much more then poverty level and still barely have enough to get by on today for the extras that people from the middle class of the 1950's were able to afford. The economy is no longer in favor of trying to make people equal on income, its all about the rich get richer and poor become more poor.

  • Yes, it does.

    Today the middle class is very much considered the poor class. Even those who would normally be doing well, or get paid decent have been struggling with this economy. In the past the current middle class probably would of been considered very poor due to how hard it is for them to make a living.

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