• Yes, it's technically a solution

    I know a couple that blew their inheritance on a wedding, were immediately broke, and had almost no education. A lot of people know a couple of idiots like this. Instead of being stuck in a shack somewhere, the husband enlisted in the military. They're still not living great but they're living a lot better, and for people that plan poorly the military is that bail out option that's there for you when you've painted yourself into a corner.

  • At A Cost

    The military does help people who otherwise won't have a job escape poverty. When the service is done, the G.I. Bill helps vets get an education. Military families pay a steep cost that has nothing to do with finances--troops can be moved from duty station to duty station or can serve overseas for months or years at a time. Troops killed in action are another ultimate price paid by someone trying to escape from an impoverished situation.

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