Does the modern "Ghetto" in the United States exploit and constrain minorities for socioeconomic and political reasons?

Asked by: Rhett_Butler
  • "Ghettos" Breed Dependence

    Certain politicians, both in major metro areas and in state and federal level politics, have created a culture of dependency on government. This culture leads inner city residents to expect more and more from "government" which is a cleverly disguised word for "taxpayers" who actually foot the bill. Instead, hard work and rising from poverty should be encouraged.

  • The Education System

    The children in the Ghettos go to run down schools. This means that they have a bad education. This makes it more difficult for them to get a well paid job in the future. This means that they are less likely to be able to afford to live in a nicer place (better schools and other amenities). As there is a larger percentage of ethnic minorities in these Ghettos compared to the rest of the USA, this is not likely to change in the future because of the lack of opportunities they and their children are presented with. Therefore poor people who are living in poverty are more likely to stat poor and living in poverty. Why? Because nothing is improving for the children. And they are the future after all, so maybe the leaders of the states should start to do something about this. Simple as.

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