Does the movie 'Rain Man' help (yes) or hurt (no) autistic people?

  • Yes, it helps autistic people.

    People do not like autistic people because they do not understand how they function. The movie Rain Man showed that autistic people have certain talents that a lot of people do not possess. It humanizes someone with austism to the naive people who don't know any better. I think the movie taught people good things.

  • The movie 'Rain Man' helps autistic people.

    The movie "Rain Man" attempts to show a general audience what life is like for autistic people and their families. Although the movie is not totally realistic, it is not offensive and it tries to be fair. It is difficult to discuss autism with people who do not have personal experience with it.

  • I learned a lot from it

    I think the movie is helpful. I personally did not know much about autism before I saw it, I had not met any autistic people. Now, I don't know how truthful Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of an autistic man is; I am no expert. But for me, it was the first glimpse into the different world of autism. I learned a lot from the movie.

  • I feel it hurts it

    I think the movie Rain Man hurts autistic people more than it helps them. I think the movie is meant for entertainment purposes and should not be judged based on helping or hurting autism. With that said when I think back to any reference to Rain Man I use it is often in making fun of someone's actions (someone who does not have autism) but comparing it to someone that does.

  • Rain Man doesn't hurt autistic people, but it's only a movie

    At the end of the day, it's a movie, and most people realize that that's all it is. There are many types of autistic people, and while the movie may accurately depict some of the aspects of autism, it's not a simple condition. There are many variations in the level of language ability and functional abilities of autistic people, and the move only depicts one individual.

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