• Muslim communities should be recognized for their fight against extremism

    With every new horror that comes down the news pipeline, we often resort to victim-blaming, and it seems that the burden of blame these days has fallen on the Muslim community: we criticize them for not doing enough to recognize the extremism that seems to be growing. However, Muslim Americans always report violent acts, and after Orlando a whole group of Muslims showed solidarity with the victims. I say that that's doing enough.

  • We all should do more.

    I do not know how much the Muslim community has done to battle extremism in their community, but from what I have seen I believe they can do more. Merely denouncing extremism is not enough. That being said, I believe that everyone must work together to battle extremism and keep our communities safe.

  • Their should be more done

    The Muslim had been silent for too long. They are just now starting to trumpet their dismay at what the extremists are doing. After this last shooting there were several Muslim leaders on tv condemning the actions of one deranged man. It is a start but definitely not enough. The Muslim community needs to have a much louder voice, in the hopes of drowning out the more brash voice of ISIS leaders.

  • I'm not sure.

    This is a subject I am not too familiar with but I feel like more could be done on their part due in large part to the surge of extremist attacks all over the world. On that note I feel all extremists in any religion should be dealt with swiftly to cut down on innocent life lost.

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