• They do and they are getting it

    The BCS bowl games were no way to decide who is the best team in the country. While, I think they are only having a 4 team playoff. It will be better than what we had last year. I personally would of liked to see the top 8 teams have a playoff. That is OK though, it is better than nothing.

  • The NCAA Football league needs a better playoff system than BCS Bowls.

    Yes, the playoff system utilized by the NCAA Football league should be better than the system used in BCS Bowls. The NCAA is a wide and encompassing organization when it comes to collegiate athletics. It is important for them to have a playoff system that is superior to that of the BCS Bowls.

  • Yes, NCAA Football needs a better playoff system.

    I think the current system that NCAA Football use right now is inefficient to truly figure out which teams deserve to play in the major bowl games. I think that there needs to be some sort of playoff played to determine which teams are the best to play at something like the National Championship.

  • No, I don't think the NCAA Football league needs a better playoff system then the BCS Bowls.

    Well there is some general dissatisfaction with the bowl selection in NCAA Football much of it is designed around who they think would be most interested in watching certain match ups. I think that the bowl system is not perfect and could use some tweaks here or there but overall I think the system works well.

  • not at all

    no, I do not think that they need to have a better playoff system than they have as it is right now with these bowl games. I think that it is a good system and that these games are a whole lot of fun to watch and keep up with.

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