• Yes, They Do

    The more popular that college sports become, the more prevalent the ethical issues are. College sports has become an industry unto themselves, and unscrupulous individuals are actively flaunting the regulations that are in place. Individuals are bribed and recruited with questionable means every day. Something needs to be done as soon as possible.

  • The NCAA may have an ethics issue

    There probably are ethics issues surrounding the NCAA. Just as there are probably ethical issues surrounding the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Not to say ethical issues involving the mentioned organizations excuses any questionable activities in the NCAA, but the NCAA is an athletic organization, just like any other athletic organization. In professional sports there have been ethical issues from the use of steroids to gambling. So, does the NCAA have an ethics issue? Probably. However, do other athletic organizations have some type of ethical issue somewhere? Probably.

  • Yes, but it is the schools and the players.

    The NCAA itself is not the problem. It is the athletes themselves, many of whom are self-aggrandizing showboats, and the coaches, most of whom are only after glory, that cause the majority of the ethics violations. At smaller schools, for instance, it is rare for there to be NCAA violations. It is only at the top level where thankfully the NCAA steps in and regulates.

  • Yes!

    The NCAA has had ethics problems that have been lying under the surface for decades! The issue came to light when yahoo sports broke a story about a former University of Miami booster said that he had provided some shocking benefits for current and former players of the university's football team.

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