Does the neo-musical 'La La Land' deserve to be nominated for an Oscar?

  • The neo-musical 'La La Land' deserves to be nominated for an Oscar

    Yes, the neo-musical 'La La Land' deserves to be nominated for an Oscar. The musical had great acting and was a terrific movie. The plot was interesting the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is wonderful. This movie brought new life to musical movies. Most people enjoyed the movie.

  • Yes it does

    Personally, I think the neo-musical "La La Land" absolutely deserves to be nominated for an Oscar. I am not a pessimist, I think that there would be a justifiable reason for it to be nominated. It has a brilliant cast. I have not watched it, but apparently it is supposed to be brilliant.

  • Yes, I think so.

    La La Land deserves to win Oscar because we need joy in our lives more than ever right now. These are dark, troubled times we live in. Now, more than ever we need movies to uplift us and take us away from the drudgery of real life with its endless talk about Brexit/world armageddon, we need music to rouse our souls and we need dance.

  • It was interesting.

    Too often, movies have become formulaic. There is nothing new about any of them. Today, however, La La Land decided to try something new to tell its story. That alone is reason to give it an award. Artists in the music and movie industries should always be encouraged to try new things.

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