• The new Egyptian government deny journalists freedom of the press.

    The new Egyptian government deny journalists freedom of the press. In an incident last month, 20 journalists from the Al-Jazeera television where arrested and are planned to be put on trial by the new military led government. This comes after a growing movement to suppress the freedom of press in Egypt after its recent revolution.

  • Egypt Should Be More Open

    If there really was freedom of the press in Egypt, more reporters would be given access to the government's inner workings. Instead, very few people see what goes on with the courts, legislature and the military. Egypt is still largely run by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with ties to terror organizations. Until Egypt has a democratically-elected government, there won't be freedom of the press.

  • The new Egyptian government is denying freedom of the press.

    Yes, the recently formed government in Egyptian is definitely denying journals their rights to freedom of the press. Several Al Jazeera journalists are currently being detained in Egypt over charges of belonging to a terrorist group. The truth is, Egypt is not happy with how thorough of coverage AJ has been providing throughout their revolution, going so far as to accuse them of inciting violence.

  • They harm dissidents.

    Yes, the new Egyptian government denies journalists the freedom of the press, because the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over and they have instituted martial law with Islamic influences. The Christians in the country are persecuted and killed. They all know that they have to say the right things or their government will hurt them.

  • Not Sure Yet

    During changes in government it is quite common for journalists to be kept out of the loop, especially if the original regimen censored the media. The new Egyptian government just took over, I think it's far too early to say what this governments real policy on media is going to be.

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