Does the new movie Annie defeat the purpose of the original Annie movie?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • Annie was different

    I feel like the most important part of the original Annie was the little pale skinned curly red head girl That was what made Annie ANNIE. I'm not racist I'm just saying Annie wasn't black with black frizzy hair, they changed everything! All to make black people the majority, I'm sorry but listen if you're black and your not happy with being the "minority" then go back to Africa where you are the majority. Don't change American, a country founded by Europeans a free for all. Maybe I'm thinking to much about it but I can not stand the modern Annie movie... It is by far one of the saddest oldies turned in modern day movies I've ever seen...

  • I don't agree

    I'm sorry, but first of Europeans didn't discover America. When Christopher Columbus "descoverd" America native Americans were already here. Also the only difference was the girl and unless you're Annie her self I don't think you should say anything like that about the new movie. One other thing, Europeans bought us here and everyone doesn't have enough money to to go to Africa so we're not going anywhere. You also have no authority to tell anyone to go back anywhere. Maybe you should go back to where your originally from.

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