• Stars Wars live up to hype

    I agree that the new Star Wars Battlefront game does live up to its hype, as it has all the resemblance of the movie. Star Wars has a huge following and as such, some might argue that any game would not live up to the hype, but I must say that this one does.

  • Yes it does at least to me

    It's been 10 years since the last Battlefront game and although the game isn't the dream game i'd pictured, I have to admit that it is pretty entertaining to the point to keep me engaged in the game. Yes some people will be disappointed in what the game is but I am fully enjoying the game and will be purchasing the season pass when the information is revealed

  • Gamers are waiting

    After the success of previous 2 versions of Star Wars Battlefront, the players of the game are waiting patiently for its new release. It was in the news that new game will not release but the players had waited. The game developers are also increasing their sales forecast from 10 million to
    30 million after getting positive feedback for its promotional trailers.

  • This one is tricky but I highly disagree

    Star Wars Battlefront may be the most anticipated game from 2013, but that doesn't value the fact that it lives up to the hype.Take Halo 5 for instance, if I were to announce it was coming to this October in 2013, then everyone would be patient and hysterical and when that game releases.It would flop due to the amount of changes it suffered, notice the key word 'changes'. We have to change something to improve or make it better and people who want what was advertise to be the same.
    That doesn't change the fact(you see what I did their) that it should live up to the hype. A perfect example of a game living up to the hype would be Fallout 4 because it has a growing fan base that exceeds the game itself and it looks amazing to everyone.
    In conclusion, Battlefront does not live up to the hype, sure it IS Star Wars and we haven't got a battlefront since 2005, but its changed and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  • No video game, including Star Wars Battlefront, is as important as the media makes it out to be.

    It is popular in Western culture to get sidetracked by entertainment and slick video games, especially when the games are based on even more popular movies such as Star Wars. This obsession with a culture that only attempts to be entertaining is exemplified in the popular Star Wars Battlefront game. It is dangerous, though, since it never creates new or challenging mediums since entrainment is much easier to churn out quickly.

  • Star Wars Battlefront

    The new Star Wars Battlefront game can not live up to the hype. I also think the movies are so awesome, and have such a huge fan base that the game could never live up to the hype. Star Wars and video game fans may enjoy the game, but I do not think it is as wonderful as everyone thought it would be.

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