• Yes, I hope so.

    The New York City Transit is too important a part of the infrastructure to be allowed to fail. The streets of New York City are clogged with traffic and many people rely on public transportation just to be able to get around. It is difficult to imagine what so many people who work in the city would do if they didn't have access to public transportation. Even more so than banks, the New York City Transit is too big to fail.

  • Yes, The New York City does have hope left.

    While New York City's transit system is aging and has many flaws it can always be improved and fixed to become more effective and efficient, since the New York City transit system is so widely used by the citizens of New York the Government won't just give up on it.

  • Hiccups are common

    With any infrastructure project, it will be common for there to be mistakes or troubles along the way. This does not mean it's time to throw the baby out with the bathwater, it just means that these issues are needing resolved. Rather than points of failure, these are points for improvement.

  • Yes, there is still hope.

    The New York City transit still has hope but without the help of the government and money of New York it will not last much longer. It is dying, slowly, and an icon of New York will soon be gone for all on this planet. It is slowly diminishing indeed.

  • Vital Part of the City

    The New York City Transit is a vital part of the city, of course it has hope left. While it may not be operating as it should be now, people should feel that the problem will eventually be resolved. The city can't function without these services and one way or another they will continue to be provided.

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