• Um, yes. Yes it is.

    Like the guy said, really their is only one news source that is *a lot* better at presenting facts instead of opinions. That's right: good ole hated FOX news. And at least they actually try to have liberals on to share in the conversation. Sorry, but this one is pretty obviously true.

  • Yes it does

    They report every single white on black crime they can find bit don't report any of the brutal black on white crimes and murderers. Kevin Shiflet who was 8 when he had his throat slit, kelli olaughlin who was 14 when she was stabbed to death and autumn Pasquale who was 12 when she was killed along with other victims of black on white crime don't get any media attention no matter how horrible the crime is.

  • Desired Outcome of Politicians

    Ask any young future journalist a "why" question, almost all will have some form of "I want to change the world". Then, add liberal education bias and America as journalist that are a public relation extension of liberal politicians. The destruction that liberalism causes must be hidden by journalists. Look at the hatred for one network that strayed.

  • Yes, very biased

    The news media is very liberal bias! When was the last time you've seen a story on the news of a white man being killed by black people? They get every story on a white killing black case though. It's very biased and makes white people always be the bad guys when in reality most of the time it is the other way around with racism. It goes both ways, double standards.

  • Maybe. Although, I'd argue it's a very good thing.

    Shows like Real Time with Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight, TYT, The Tonight Show and formerly, the Colbert Rapport get much, much better viewership than far right outlets (FOX) and more center right outlets (CNN, MSNBC) This trend toward more liberal news sources also extends to newspapers with the Huffington Post far outstripping the Drudge Report's readership. Hopefully, this shows a dramatic shift in thinking here in America.

  • Are you joking. Of course it does.

    There Is only 1 news corporation in the country that isn't liberal and all of the others are. I wish there was a neutral news source but sadly everything is hyper left. Why I do my own research into news and current events so I get real information not controlled by politics

  • Yes and no...

    But mostly no.

    The problem here is that the statement is true to a limited extent. Some media DOES have a liberal bias, but this is such a short-sighted and narrow viewpoint, that by simply agreeing you miss out on the range of variables that make this statement meaningless.

    Religious bias
    Cultural bias
    Educational, gender, race, age... The list really does go on.

    The point is, there's a 1001 things that you and your countrymen disagree on, and there's 1001 outlets that can report one story 1001 different ways.

    The real issue here is that everyone's personal bias forms their view of a particular media and finds offense in the imagined slights of their "enemy" media.

    And then there's Fox...

    They truly outshine their peers in borderlining news with propaganda.

  • The fringe mistakes centrism as opposite-side bias.

    Both liberals and conservatives have accused the majority of media for having "bias," which is often code for "they are biased because they don't accept my bias as objective truth." The reality is that many factors drive what is discussed and how it is discussed. As to how it is discussed, the majority of media is simply centrist, which looks like opposite-side bias to fringe lunatics. Put differently, displaying openness to the idea that minorities suffer discrimination and that gays could be allowed to marry is taken as a "liberal bias" by people whose biases are closed to those considerations and possibilities, when in reality it is just a centrist attitude; displaying openness to the idea that sometimes lowering taxes and simplifying regulations can create economic benefit for all is taken as "conservative bias" by people who think anything but Marxism is biased, when again it is just a centrist attitude. The centrist attitude might be considered a bias, but the people accusing it are saying it is opposite-side bias, because they don't understand what passes for reservation of judgment.

    "Objectivity" in journalism is always subject to the choices made about which issues to investigate and discuss. At the same time, we do not say that the media has a "bias" against criminals because it does stories on crimes. I think a good measure is whether issues and events are relevant or noteworthy, and if one political group happens to feel that things of note reflect poorly on it or subject it to critique, this is not "bias" in journalism. What we see when we look at the media in general is a penchant for sensationalism from whatever quarter and a decline in investigatory journalism. Also, what we see is such a proliferation of media sources that are easily accessible that it is no problem at all for someone who wants to show a "bias" to find an array of sources to target as "biased" for taking a disfavored position. But systemically I don't agree that there is bias, even though certain sources like MSNBC and FOX are clearly biased in the sense that they both choose their discussion to target the other "side" (and, as in FOX's case, often have radically incorrect information).

    So, in the end, people who believe there is a decided bias for liberal or conservative ideology are making the mistake of thinking that the issues discussed have been chosen for attack, when they have been chosen instead because they interest and elicit response from large groups of viewers or readers, and such fringe persons have made the additional mistake of identifying our conception of neutrality as a bias, because it is not slanted towards the fringe bias as the objective truth.

  • There's different media outlets

    "News media" covers all political spheres, this should be obvious. For example, Fox News is heavily conservative with spokesmen like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Riley. MSNBC usually reports things from a liberal/democratic perspective. This is mainstream news though.

    If you're talking about the internet, then yes, it probably is liberally biased. Regardless, you can find any news source that fits your political agenda with ease with a simple search. Seeing as we're all on debate.Org, we should discourage bias and rely on logic and argumentation, but that's just me. :D

  • The News has a Money Bias

    The news media reports only what their corporate bosses want the public to hear. Unfortunately, most people believe what they hear and don't take time to access multiple sources. They don't listen to opposing views and rarely think critically about what they hear. The 24 hour news cycle encourages the News Media to manufacture stories to get ratings.

    Every network is lame.

    Fox believes there is a war on Christmas and No Go Zones in Europe. They lie and their views eat it all up.

    CNN grabs for any sensational story and beats it mercilessly. They ignore news that actual matter to peoples lives.

    MSNBC is terrified of offending people and apologies any slight real or not.

    NBC, CBS and ABC are terrified of asking tough questions for fear of losing access to their sources. How about tell the truth? Chuck Todd are you reading this?

    PBS Newshour takes money from rich donors and tailors stories to suit their donors needs.

    Liberal or conservative bias is not the issue. People will find the news that confirms their world view and refuse to dig deeper for the facts. We need to get money out of politics and maybe journalists will do their job.

  • Old media doesn't.

    Old media is a dying dinosaur, that doesn't explain what the government is doing, or what the problems are. They at times make up most of their news, or try not to talk about serious things at all. MSNBC died when they interrupted their news on NSA spying for breaking news that Justin Bieber was arrested again. CNN would rather make game shows than talk about historical congressional filibusters. And FOX news was never liberal.

  • Not if you

    Are going to be honest about it. Yes, MSNBC is liberal, and yes, Fox News is conservative, but mostly the news is controlled by a fear of losing sponsors. If you are afraid that Monsanto will no longer run commercials on your network, you will probably not run that story about how Round Up is killing us. This isn't political bias, its the end result of our greed-based, capitalism at all costs system.

  • Not largely, no.

    Of course, every news source has bias. Some liberal, some conservative, but mostly corporate. News outlets are almost entirely owned by large corporations that want to protect their continued profitability, and therefore will pressure those reporting the news to "spin" their stories in the favor of corporate profits.

    Do not make the mistake of presuming any position different from yours is biased. An evidence based report may look liberal to one on the far right, and conservative to one on the far left. Instead of crying bias, check both the sources of the report, and your own.

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Stefy says2015-01-28T00:39:05.687
I hate that picture. Tolorance doesn't mean we have to deal with your bigotry and let you discriminate against people. Bigots are not discriminated against by law and their bigotry is not something their born in or an intrinsic cultural attribute like a religion. Minorities, LGBT, and women are discriminated against in daily life by the justice system and other things because of something they cannot change. But sorry if a little name calling hurt your feelings.
Max.Wallace says2015-01-28T01:04:41.447
You forgot climate change deniers!
Max.Wallace says2015-01-28T01:06:53.547
We suppose that the globalist media has all our best interests in their heart, while they create a situation that will destroy most of us. Ted Turners Georgia guide stones are the revelation of medias goals.
Dilara says2015-01-28T01:13:39.043
Stefy. I told my liberal class mates I agreed with the ferguson verdict and they called me a racist idiot. I also pointed out That black on white crime and black on black crime are more common than white on black crime and if people cared about black people they would be doing more about gang violence and I was called a racist moron. Some liberals won't tolerate other opinions and if your tolerant you should tolerate even opinions you find offensive. I am very pro gay rights but I tolerate and respect other opinions on homosexuality I've also been called sexist for being against tax payed funded abortion. I was yelled at to. In my expirience liberals are more closed minded than conservatives.
Ozzyhead says2015-01-28T02:39:09.513
That's the dumbest idea for a picture. Liberals are tolerant of all except intolerance. Intolerance is not tolerable. We should all be able to live in harmony with those who have differences.
21MolonLabe says2015-01-28T14:18:51.630
The picture was meant to question the seemingly close mindedness of News Media. But my experience with liberals is very similar to that of Dilara.