Does the NFL need to overhaul its concussion program?

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  • Concussions can kill

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  • Yes they should

    Concussions can give people very bad injuries, and can even be fatal! Isn't football supposed to be fun? Now I don't know about you, but for me fun is playing around and being competitive, not constantly getting injured and tackled! I think the nfl should make stricter rules and be more careful with concussions

  • The NFL needs to do something about the concussion problem

    The NFL has been complacent in it's safeguards for players. The NFL needs to take a more aggressive stance on combating injuries to players due to successive concussions by preventing them in the first place. There is no reason for players to have concussions, it is dangerous. Not only do concussions have long term health effects, they can be dangerous immediately. The NFL needs to overhaul it's concussion program.

  • Yes...there is too much lip service

    I think with the amount of money made by the NFL, it can easily have spent and continue to spend money to come up with better protective gear to safeguard the players. If players like James Harrison can on his own figure out better protection by placing Kevlar in his helmet....shouldn't the NFL be looking at doing this on their own? Every season there seems to be more cases of player concussions. All we see is player fines....and nothing about improved gear.

  • Yes, there are too many injuries that last a life time

    The NFL is doing a few things to protect its players, but until not a single one loses his career due to numerous head injuries, the NFL needs to continue to over hall its program. Yes, this will take time, but a concerted and long-term effort to do so will show both fans and players that the NFL actually cares about its teams.

  • No, player accept the risk, but things could be done.

    The "protective" equipment has turned into weapons for the war that is football. The helmets are meant for delivering violent blows. I think what they should do is go back to leather helmets, with no facemasks, like the guy on the Raiders helmets. Those linebackers and DB's will not be shooting their bodies like rockets if they know that they will feel the instant impact on their head, or bloody their own face. Same with other pads. Take the flack jackets off the QB's, and if they don't want to get hit in the ribs, run.....Like Fran Tarkington did.

  • NO! Lets play classic football

    Football is getting boring with limited tackling. I dislike how the NFLPA is making football boring, by taking out showboating. Specially when they take out the ability to tackle above or below, they are taking Americas game and making it boring like soccer. I am a patriot and like drinking a beer and watching football without my shirt.

  • No, The NFL Does Not Need To Overhaul Its Concussion Program

    I understand why such a question would be posed. There seem to be many serious injuries, especially lately, suffered by NFL players. However, to say the concussion program in the NFL needs an overhaul is completely contradictory. Football is a full contact sport. In professional football two players colliding with one another can have the impact of a small car traveling at 65mph and slamming into a wall. When you have a sport where the basic premise almost completely ensures some type of injury, is it really fair to say the concussion program needs an overhaul? If one wants to overhaul the concussion program in the NFL one would need to look at overhauling the sport of football in general.

  • The NFL is Handling Concussions Well

    The NFL is doing well when it comes to making steps in minimizing concussions. They have changed the rules on how players are allowed to hit and hey have a research team that is constantly finding out ways to minimize injuries on the field. I think that as long as they keep on working everything will be fine because they a already seeing results and less concussions in the league.

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