Does the NHL deserve a more lucrative TV contract?

  • Yes, hockey needs a chance

    I don't think hockey gets the same chances that come from other television deals, hence the other sports get more money and more commercials. There is a long way for hockey to go to get what they need but the chance for them to pick up new fans is needed and this wont happen without a better contract.

  • Yes, as a hockey fan

    Hockey needs a chance to be on par with the other sports, if you compare the pure TV time hockey gets compared with the other sports with the TV time hockey gets there is no question why the money is where it is at. There are hockey fans in the US who want to watch their sports.

  • No, the NHL gets the TV contract it deserves.

    Networks are in business to make money. If more folks watched the hockey matches, it is likely a better contract could be negotiated by the league. If ratings were higher, the networks could ask more from advertisers for the commercials aired during the telecasts. The sport needs to gain more popularity in this country.

  • No

    Until it proves that it is on par with the other three major sports (MLB, NFL, NBA) it doesn't deserve a higher contract based solely on the fact that it is watched by a much lower amount of people in comparison. I don't see that happening anytime in the near future, so it doesn't deserve it.

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