Does the notion of human cloning affect the dignity of the human race?

  • Human Cloning will affect the future

    Human Cloning will affect the daily activities of humans. The population will double, if everyone has a clone and will mess up the food proportions. Also, the life span will then double which would cause a lot of problems. And nations could double their army causing more deaths to the innocent. There could be an entire army with just one person, they have just be cloned 10,000 times. And would clones have rights to citizenship? If there is already another one of them, why would they? Cloning seems futuristic however, it should not be included in our future. There would be too many controversies about it and it would throw the world off balance.

  • Yes, Human cloning does affect the dignity of the human race.

    Human cloning is in direct contradiction to the belief that all human beings are uniquely created by God. Why would anyone want to attempt at cloning another being? There is no proven medical benefits to this. I oppose human cloning on a moral basis. All people must die some day, and human cloning can not stop death. There is better method's to relieving illnesses.

    Posted by: D Callahan
  • Yes, human cloning degrades species dignity, because it erodes our uniqueness.

    Each human being born, naturally conceived through two people, is a unique distinct human being. Even offspring produced in vitro still have unique genetics that distinguish them from the rest of us. But, when copies start getting made, anything that differentiates us from one another starts getting eroded. It doesn't just erase our dignity, but our very individuality.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Yes, the notion of human cloning degrades the dignity of the human race, because it devalues the uniqueness of human life.

    Human cloning is a nightmare on roller skates, on a banana peel, on a slippery slope. The easy availability of another body will lead many to value human life much less, including their own. Why live a healthy lifestyle? Why follow traffic safety laws? Why not murder your spouse during an argument? Why not take the law into your own hands, when you can order up a brand new body on a moment's notice? Cloning leads to kidnapping scenarios, where people might not even notice that someone could be missing. That doppleganger you see next to you just might not be who you think it is.

    Posted by: SuccinctDerek96
  • Cloning is wrong, because it is not God's design.

    Cloning should not be performed. It is artificial and not what God intended. There are many worthwhile scientific projects that are for the greater good, but cloning is not one of them. God only created each person one time, and that is how it should be. Cloning humans is playing with fire.

    Posted by: MycaMy
  • Yes, I agree the notion of human cloning affects the dignity of the human race, because it is against God's plan.

    There is one way to make a human and that is through sex, or the joining of a male sperm cell and female egg. A human should not be made in a science lab. This is not how it was intended, so I think it affects the dignity of our human race. If we were meant to be made differently, we would have been. Why don't scientists focus on something we don't know how to do, like cure AIDS or cancer? We already know how to make humans, what do we need another way for?

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Cloning affects the dignity of the human race, because it shows our desire to be something that we aren't.

    Cloning is the opposite progress of evolution. With evolution, we naturally mix traits to produce varied specimens, preventing genetic disorders from continuing. With cloning, we may amplify traits that are technically bad for the species, for instance, blue eyes or light skin. Cloning is an extension of plastic surgery, and our desire to be perfect instead of human.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • I believe it affects humans

    I strongly believe it affects humans because it goes against the fact America has as every human being is unique. Would you really want someone exactly like you doing the same exact stuff you do. We should not be aloud to clone just for that exact reason. Thank you America.

  • I believe it affects humans

    I strongly believe it affects humans because it goes against the fact America has as every human being is unique. Would you really want someone exactly like you doing the same exact stuff you do. We should not be aloud to clone just for that exact reason. Thank you America.

  • Human cloning does affect the dignity of the human race because each individual is inherently valuable and unique.

    Human cloning devalues each individual life. If God is creating each of us individually, then we should not try to intervene in that process. I think that if we truly begin to clone humans, then each person can start to seem very much less valuable. We can always just make another, right? So what difference does it make if one person dies or is killed? I really think cloning would adversely affect human dignity.

    Posted by: QuiFreex
  • DNA has nothing to do with individuality

    Saying that our individuality, our unique perspective and thought processes, are entirely and inherently tied to our DNA, is absurd. We, as unique persons, develop and change over time as we affect and are affected by the world and other people around us. To tie everything that makes us different to one another ignores basic psychology and logic. A clone of someone would not just be 'another Dave', it would be an entirely new individual, independent from and different to the original. It would of course have to be recognized that the clone, as a separate person from the original, has it's own human rights distinct from those of the original. It affect the 'dignity of the human race' no more so than does the concept of having children.

  • No, cloning is simply another way of reaching the same goal.

    The argument used "every single individual is entirely" unique, is completely false. Identical twins are made of the exact same DNA as their twin is, yet once they reach adulthood they've become completely different psychologically. A clone would have the exact same DNA as someone else, but they will end up a completely different person from who they were cloned. And that's ignoring all the other benefits such as the improvements for medicine, and the improvement of the human race as a whole.

  • Cloning is a tool, neither good nor evil.

    For most of my life, I've been afraid of my mortality. Cloning not only gives the human race the ability to make advances in medicine, but would allow productive members of society to continue to contribute. For example, if I were a doctor researching a cure for HIV, my work would he able to continue for as long as necessary to complete my research.

    If we could clone ourselves and find a way to transfer our knowledge into that clone, it would prolong and enrich our lives in a way that is tangible. We would not be immortal, because the truth is you can only copy a clone so many times before the genetic material would become unviable. Plus, there would come a day when one would tire of life and welcome death.

  • Cloning is good

    I just read that a doctor envisions a cure for cancer through cloning. It says they could take early cancerous cells and replace their destructive nuclei with a nucleus cloned from a normal cell stopping cancer before it has a chance to keep spreading. So basically to me cloning would somewhat better humanity. I actually cannot find anything bad about cloning so far. From what I’ve read cloning is one day going to cure diseases, prevent deaths, and give infertile couples a chance to have a child of their own.

  • This is just another experiment of scientists

    Cloning does not affect the dignity of the human race because, like I said in the supporting headline, it is just another experiment of scientists. They are simply taking genetic information and putting them into egg cells from which the excess genetic material has been extracted from and inserting it into the egg cells.

  • We see it everyday in this world.

    Cloning is shown among us with identical twins since they look alike and share human characteristics just like any clone would, thus making them human beings. And clones would have different personalities because no one is unique since we all are different from our parents. Clones should be allowed in this world!

  • It's Just Another Reproductive Method

    In-Vitro Fertilization didn't affect the dignity of the human race and neither will cloning.

  • Cloning will provide benefits to humans, like growing organs that will not be rejected.

    It may currently be science fiction, but the day is coming when clones will be science fact. The clones I imagine are not "human" or "awakened", but simply live bodies kept in stasis for the insurance of their donors. This has potential to be a billion dollar industry for the rich and famous, and putting up roadblocks because some people are squeamish is not good science.

    Posted by: StereotypedBurl60
  • Human Cloning can be a dignified process for the human race if done for the right reasons.

    I do not support human cloning of an entire person. I do support human cloning of body parts. How grand would it be to create a healthy liver or kidney or lung to replace a diseased one? We already have artificial replacement parts for humans. Cloned parts would be an even better replacement for a diseased organ.

    Posted by: AloofLane32
  • Cloning has no bearing on the dignity of the human race; rather, its meaning depends on how it is used.

    Much like the gun, cloning is simply a tool of science and invention; it is up to the individual person and culture to determine how it is used, be it for good or bad.

    Posted by: CesarMatthews

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