• Yes. The NRA has a war on Science

    1) Claims like "The CDC was run by gun control zealots who published bogus data that flew in the face of other academic studies" are fabrications and ad-hominem attacks. There's no proof that CDC was ever run by gun control zealots. There's no proof that CDC studies on guns were ever contradicted by other academic (peer-reviewed) research.

    2) Dozens of Scientists of impeccable academic record have tried to investigate the impact of guns and have had to deal with personal attacks and bullying by the NRA. This has been documented over and over for the past 17 years (as mentioned by other posts on this debate).

    Also, it should be noted that the NRA did not act after studies were completed and published .... But before they were even started, thwarting almost any attempted scientific investigation.

    3) Should a bogus report get published, it would get debunked or rejected during the Peer-Review process (which is done by actual Scientists).

    The Scientific community has all the tools it needs to filter out "junk-science"; it does not need NRA's lobby to interefere with its process. The Peer-Review is a solid and tough process and it's one of the main reasons why Science has made major advances in the past century.

    The fact that the NRA is actively and knowingly sabotaging a Scientific process that has been proven to work in millions of cases across different Scientific disciplines is a clear aggression against Science.

    4) The DOJ and the FBI only aggregate raw-data. Neither is known to conduct Scientific Studies on how guns impact communities, crime, etc. Their data might be used in finding correlations and computing simple statistical indicators ... But that can hardly have much value when trying to prove Causation-Relations.

    To prove Causation, at least 2 different types a studies need to be conducted:
    - Cross-Sectional Studies
    - Longitudinal Statistical Studies

    ... And these are the exact type of studies that the NRA is trying to prevent from happening.

  • Yes

    By bullying scientists and putting millions of dollars into Washington lobby aimed at suppressing relevant information about gun crimes from going public, the NRA is indeed engaging into a War on Science.
    A war on Truth is, after all, a war on Science. The fact that they have nothing to do with Science, in general, doesn't matter here, as long as their actions are clearly targeted at preventing the truth from reaching the people.

  • Yes. For years NRA has aggressively blocked any attempt at serious scientific research on guns and crime in the US

    The N.R.A. has blocked all efforts at serious gun research, going so far as to restrict access to the highly informative data available from the Justice Department on traces of guns used in crimes.

    As The Times reported, “Scientists in the field and former officials with the government agency that used to finance the great bulk of this research say the influence of the National Rife Association has all but choked off money for such work.”

    According to the New York Times "following the horrific Newtown, Conn., murders, the American public may be willing to start moving away from the gun culture. But it will be a long process, and if we want an enduring transformation, this is the time to insist on an end to the N.R.A.’s cynical blockade of scientific research on guns and violence."

    According to another New York Times article published in January 25, 2011: the C.D.C. "asks researchers it finances to give it a heads-up anytime they are publishing studies that have anything to do with firearms. The agency, in turn, relays this information to the N.R.A. as a courtesy ... Invariably, researchers said, whenever their work touches upon firearms, the C.D.C. becomes squeamish. In the end, they said, it is often simply easier to avoid the topic if they want to continue to be in the agency’s good graces. "

  • They're against JUNK science

    The CDC was run by gun control zealots who published bogus data that flew in the face of other academic studies. The NRA complained to Congress, who acted by cutting funding for research into "gun control." Those who say they "suppress ALL research" ignore the fact that the DOJ and FBI also track the same (or similar) data. All one needs to do is look at the FBI uniform crime report to see how guns are used and/or misused. The difference: no anti-gun rights bias.

  • No

    The NRA, which stands for the National Rifle Association, has nothing to do with science. They are a gun rights organization and lobby. They defend the right to bear arms, which is increasingly being sacrificed by speedy legislation to appease scared constituents in regions of mass murders of young children and young adults.

  • Guns Against Science?

    Let me start by saying that I don't really know what NRA has to do with outside of wanting to hold on to their guns, but saying they are against Science seems a little fair fetched. What do they even have to do with each other? No one is denying that statistics are real here. So no they have no war on science, just a war against people who don't want them to have guns.

  • No. The NRA is not waging a war on science because they have nothing to do with science.

    The NRA is an independent organization that supports the rights of citizens to bear arms. There may be many disagreements as to what the role of guns should play in our society but they aren't waging a war on science by holding a pro gun view point. Up to this point there is no scientific evidence to prove that pro gun advocacy actually increases violence.

  • No, they are trying to suppress information.

    It's a bit different because they aren't trying to deny statistics about gun violence, they are trying to suppress the information about it from going public. In addition they are trying to control funds that could be used to study gun violence. The NRA is closely in cahoots with the gun sellers in our country and don't want negative information about gun ownership to be published.

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