• Ripe for Abuse and Unconstiutional

    The instruments developed by the NSA are unconstitutional plain and simple. So are secret courts, power to coerce legislature/executive, etc. They have violated multiple amendments.
    The fact that American people's money is spent on acts and policies so contrary to their interest is wrong and must change. Pragmatic planning shouldn't have to supercede democratic accountability.

  • I had family that worked in Pentagon and they don't compare to the NSA. The NSA is a open expense account looking for a mission.

    Before 911 the CIA did an internal audit an found they, and the 18+ security agencies had all they needed to do the job but the info wasn't being handled properly. They proposed a method to do the job but Bush didn't want to hear anything other than Iraq. And nothing about bin laden as Clinton had already attempted to kill him. If you measure the health of US via GDP then 911 was the best thing that has happen to US in years. With a defence budget larger than the next 10 highest combined the guys have to have something to do. The Founders hadn't planned for a standing army because they believed it was a tool that was easily abused. Well I think they got that one right.

  • Big Brother is Watching

    Anyone who has read George Orwell's novel 1984 should see the similarities between the government in the novel, and the NSA. The NSA, like big brother, watches everything that we do. They know everything about us. They have no right to invade everyone's privacy. People should be allowed to think for themselves and not be watched for specific beliefs.

  • Why not relinquish it?

    Reports have come in - verified reports - that NSA employees have actually been using aspects of PRISM to spy on loved ones, crushes, and neighbors. You put that kind of power in anyone's hands and they'll abuse it. As it is, PRISM is a violation of privacy, and putting that violation in the hands of power abusers will only make it worse.

  • NSA Is A Privacy Threat

    I believe that the NSA has far too much power and I believe those that work for the NSA have to much access to personal information. I think the programs that the NSA are using breach Americans privacy, as well as every other countries. I also believe the NSA is a failed attempt at national security and it should be shut down.

  • Yes they are

    I think that the NSA definitely has too much power. They are allowed to gather far too much information on everyone, and many of the ways they can gather info is questionable and invasive. Privacy is no longer a common thing.Big brother is always watching and in the form of the NSA.

  • The NSA does enjoy too much power.

    The NSA does enjoy too much power. They probably enjoy being able to spy on anyone that they want to. They have already been accused of collecting data without anyone knowing. They should not be allowed to do that without some reasoning behind their actions. They enjoy a lot of the power that they hold.

  • NSA is Granted Too Much Power

    Yes, the NSA enjoys too much power. The NSA is allowed to monitor United States' citizens without their consent. This is a direct violation of the reasonable right to privacy. As United States' citizens can expect a reasonable right to privacy in their private residencies and over private communications, the NSA has enjoys far too much power.

  • What are you doing on the internet that is so bad?

    The NSA isn't interested in your grandmother's oatmeal cookie recipe or who you're cheating on your husband with. Under the Patriot Act and the Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution, they government can do anything for the welfare of the people. As outsiders, it's impossible for us to know what the NSA is doing with what they find, but it's for the greater good. We have no way of knowing how many terrorist acts have been intercepted, prevented, and kept incognito to prevent the outbreak of panic. Surely, we can learn to sacrifice a little privacy for the greater good.

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