• This is too much.

    The NSA's mass surveillance program violates privacy and due process, That's for sure. It seems that everything started with a noble goal: with the creation of a terrorist surveillance program, But the program failed and did not give any results. And instead of focusing on criminals, Governments are increasingly turning their attention to everyone, And every recent success announced by the NSA, Came from a classic targeted observation. Now the government is exceeding its powers by observing each of us, Invading our personal space, Watching us through a webcam on our laptop and listening to our phone records and activating microphones on our devices, Essentially depriving us of some privacy. Concerns about this are often met with the argument:
    "If you have nothing to hide, You have nothing to fear. "
    But the desire to keep certain parts of our lives secret does not mean that we are doing something bad.
    All this will absolutely violate our right to privacy.

    Posted by: evee
  • I think it violates

    I think that this program violates human rights to privacy, Because each of us wants some part of our life to remain private, Even if the person did not do anything illegal. After all, The information a government has about its citizens will at some point be used against them. We all pay taxes and make purchases, So the government knows our account numbers and other such information. The government can track which sites we visit, As well as all our movements. I believe that other people should not be given such power, Because they can begin to abuse it.

  • Yes it does

    Nsa steals our information that we keep to our selves. The Nsa is like a man following everywhere you go and it sees what you do on the internet and your credit card number and everything else that is private to you. We can stop them from doing that by reminding them of the 4th amendment of the U.S constitution and tell them they don't have the right to steal all of our private information.

  • Why do they need to know?

    I believe that the NSA mass surveillance program is a violation of privacy because according to the 4th Amendment all U.S. citizens are protected from the government intruding into their private lives. To search into anything, the government needs a probable reason to warrant a search. A mass surveillance system that allows the government and NSA to look into the private lives of citizens who have not committed any crimes is an invasion of privacy and against our amendment rights. I, personally, do not want to give up my right of privacy for the promise of being "safer". When my right of privacy is taken away, I will no longer feel safe.

  • The Government should be transparent, not us

    Because the NSA’s aggregation of surveillance proves to be an invasion of privacy and an unreasonable search, it is unconstitutional under the Fourth and Fifth Amendment. These NSA actions have also violated the First Amendment, because it collects sensitive information about our associational and expressive activity. As a fundamental right, privacy should be limited only when there is a showing of a compelling state interest that could not be achieved in a less intrusive way--this, however, is intrusive--more so than it should be.

  • Yes, it's a violation of privacy.

    The NSA has absolutely no right to monitor everything it does. Constantly monitoring things like Internet use, texts, and phone calls is a gross violation of privacy that infringes on the rights of people to privacy and free speech. The vague idea of national security does not excuse this violation of rights.

  • It is too far.

    Yes, the NSA mass surveillance program violates privacy and due process, because it goes to far to interfere with our daily lives. Even gathering collective information about when we place the most phone calls would allow the government to selectively shut down our cell phone system when it is beneficial to them.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe the NSA mass surveillance program comes with the potential that due process will no longer be considered a requirement. It obviously violates privacy. As an American citizen I feel I no longer have a choice. Whatever I do on the Internet or on my phone is not private, that is very obvious now.

  • Goverment should struggling with another problem.

    Illance is huge problem that scary all people. Goverment get information from digital devices which all we have in our houses. Almost apps sharing your personal information with goverment and corporations. None of us wants someone to interfere in our personal life. And because of this goverment should understand that problems they are trying fight to appears because of other causes and they need to first of all fight with them. All problems that are decided by tracking, Solve by improving life of society. By making finacial income gap less between groups of population we are decrease criminal consiquently need in tracking disappiares.

  • The NSA mass surveillance program violate privacy

    Terrorism is very scary, Especially when it happens not in some faraway place. I agree with the fact that we have to do something in order to prevent such terrorist attacks as in New-York, Paris and etc.
    In spite of this we also have to understand that the increasing capacity of the government to spy on our private lives can contribute to a society in which there is no room for privacy and governments control even the minds of usual citizens
    The loss of personal privacy can have important psychological impact on people and a sense of being controlled by the government
    The information collected by mass internet surveillance programs could be used for other purposes by the government and even by private organizations
    Hackers could potentially gain access to the databases of the government surveillance programs and sell it to rival governments, Companies or organized crime groups.

  • Its the safegaurd

    It is a troubleshoot to terrorism , criminals. They r not behind you ............. Just looking for evidence. They more interested in to keep you safer from the sinners . They dont check out ur stuff untill u r a wrongdoer so there is no point of mass surveillance banned and all it should be supported and encouraged by everyone. Why r scared if u r no wrong and what hide vrom u leave in one nation only............................

  • No, I do not think the NSA programs violate rights.

    The NSA mass surveillance program doesn't violate privacy and any human rights. This program is just for finding out people who are doing something that isn't appropriate for a Democratic country so it means other people are just showing a little bit of their daily life. I think we should know about NSA program a lot more.

  • What do you have to worry about?

    Mass surveillance is there to protect you. Alot of people seem to think that the government is hostile and mean, but its not. The goverment is trying to protect you from those who do not respect the law. Think of it like this; mass surveillance is no different from surveillance cameras, only the government possess the right to access it, and that personal information is never leaked. If we are okay with survelliance cameras, why are we worried about mass surveillance, which has a smaller chance of leaking your privacy?

  • Your all thinking the wrong way about this

    Can the government see everything you do when where and why? Yes. Can they see that you are cheating on your wife or watch pornography videos or dance to Justin Bieber on a nightly basis? Of course they can. But do they actually care? NO! Unless your a murderer or a mob boss or a terrorist, then nothing that you do will be released to anyone or used against you. It always bugs people that the government can do whatever they want, whenever they want, but the thing is that they aren't going to look through your stuff. Sure they can, BUT THEY WON'T!! So you have no reason to fear. The world will be a better place with it than without it and it is very selfish to think otherwise.

  • People have nothing to worry about

    I know most people don't like the idea of other people looking through their phone conversations and emails and stuff, but the truth is that they won't go looking through your stuff unless they have a reason to and even if they go through it anyways, they don't care that you are cheating on your wife, or that you watch pornography videos, or that you like dancing to Justin Bieber in your room every night. They are looking for information on terrorists, or organized criminals, or murderers, not you. Unless you are one of these things, then you have nothing to worry about. Yeah, they can shut down our cell phone or financial accounts, but are they going to, no.

  • No, the NSA programs do not violate rights.

    I do not think that the NSA mass surveillance program violates any privacy and due process rights. I think that the only people who have to fear the NSA are the ones who operate with shady programs. I think that everyday citizens do not have to fear the policies of the NSA.

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