• NSA's PRISM program violate the Constitution

    NSA's PRISM program violate the Constitution if they are not following what they are suppose to and what is going to happen in the future. They need to fall in line and work together to make sure that they dont do things that will violate the Constitution and make things harder.

  • Court Supervision Supports Program

    The NSA "PRISM" program was supported by the judicial branch of the US Government, which has the exclusively authority to deem laws or actions of the government as unconstitutional or not. Whatever reservations may arise from the program concerning privacy, only a court can declare a program unconstitutional in a legally binding manner, and such a ruling has not occured.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not think NSA's PRISM program violates the United States constitution. Though I do wish there was an amendment passed that makes it a violation of our constitutional rights in the United States. I can't stand programs like this. Makes me feel paranoid and a little bit like a caged animal.

  • No, Not Directly

    I do not believe the NSA's PRISM program directly violates the Constitution. I certainly don't agree with the program and I think it should be shut down, however, we also need to guarantee privacy to people of the United States. These programs have pointed out a vital flaw that needs to be fixed.

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