• The NSA's X-Keyscore program does go too far.

    The NSA's X-Keyscore program does go too far. They are gathering personal information from everyone without their being a cause to do so. The program allows them to look through this information from the citizens of the United States and even the overseas countries. It is highly unfair and not right.

  • Mass Spying Goes Too Far

    The X-Keyscore programs that Edward Snowden revealed is a program that works for mass surveillance collection. The United States has shared this software with other countries as well. I believe the program collects information that no government or entity has rights to. I think it is a severe breach of privacy.

  • NSA Goes Too Far

    The NSA goes way too far in many aspects of American society, including spying on ordinary citizens and even on our allies overseas. Any NSA program goes too far with respect to information gathering. The security-obsessed agency is using the guise of the war on terror to spy on everyone with cell phones, text messages and emails.

  • X-Keyscore Program Goes Too Far

    Without a doubt, everyone would agree that NSA's X-Keyscore program goes too far. It's a huge breach of trust between the American government and its own citizens. X-Keyscore delves deep into the actions and behaviors of countless Americans without any specific purpose. Such information can easily be used to identify and harm American citizens, which is terrible.

  • Yes, it is very unfair.

    Yes, NSA's X-Keyscore program goes too far, because it is harvesting information without any specific threat. This country was founded on the principles that it is unfair to watch everything that people do. Allowing the government to run the Keyscore programs allows for a great deal of intrusion into person lives. This is unfair.

  • Unconstitional, but Highly Exaggerated

    The NSA's actions are clearly unconstitutional-- a violation of the 4th amendment when used against U.S. citizens without probable cause, and a breach of international trust when used against foreign citizens. The revelation of the existence of these programs is a very positive thing for civil rights (although a very embarrassing one for the U.S. government). However, media reports on the capabilities that the NSA possesses are highly overblown.

  • No it is a necessary evil

    I don't think that the X keyscore program goes too far. Yes it is not good that they are spying on everyone but at the end of the day it does keep up safer. I rather be safe and know they are there then not be safe and only wonder if they are there or not.

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