• Yes it does:

    Patriarchy exists. Patriarchy exists because sexism still exists and the reigns of power are not evenly divided; perhaps it is not malicious in intent and it has definitively improved in the politics of the home and of the community but nationally it has not dissolved away to the abyss we wish it would.

  • ...Oh I thought we were talking about Emmanuel Goldstein. Same thing really.

    Both were created by a political group as a scapegoat for the problems they cause and to inspire fear in their followers. Also, both are outright fabrications.
    More women vote than men, and as a result they decide who our leaders are and can also decide on which laws are decided on through the vote. So it does not exist.
    Don't use doublethink either.

  • Patriarchy is just a feminist boogeyman.

    Feminist just use patriarchy as an enemy of convenience its like how Christianity uses Satan as an all powerful enemy that controls the media, government etc. that kind of sexism was defeated here long ago women have freedom to get jobs, vote etc. the only places that are patriarchal are places like India, Saudi Arabia, Sudan etc.

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