Does the People's Republic of China violate human rights?

  • Chinese citizens aren't free like australians.

    China can't vote, and they can't do any other things australian citizens can do. The chinese government control the media, imprison protestors and many more unfair things. This strongly destroys human rights in china. What makes chinese people so they can't be free like other countries? This must be stopped.

  • Yes, the Peoples Republic of China does violate the rights of their citizens.

    I couldn't agree more. It is an unfortunate situation and the world is turning a blind eye. When it comes to the labor force, children and woman are paid a quarter of a days worth of hard work. These same woman and children are given masks that may or may not fit as proper protection for their bodies while sifting through computer junk yards that contain heavy metals like mercury and lead. These workers will most likely get a disease, or become injured int he harsh environments, though the Chinese government will do nothing be replace them. If there is an outcry and unions, if any will congregate the Chinese police will break it apart before it can even breath. The Chinese Republic does not let anything happen without endorsing it happening. A riot? Done in minutes. A public outrage for an embassy leader? What embassy leader? It's sad really.

  • Yes's the Peoples Republic of China does violate the rights of their citizens.

    You know something is wrong when the news coming out of China is typically quieter than other countries. Why? Because China's government heavily censors what happens in their country. Only if they want it to happen, and by their rules, will the rest of the world find out. Laborers, or should I say slavers, who works all day sifting through computer junk to salvage and resell parts are not even protected for their health. They are supplied a mask...a mask that may not even be properly fitted. Mercury poisoning, lead poisining, and several other heavy metals are being absorbed into Chinese laborers everday, and nothing has changed. Unions, if any can not riot or uprise, because Chinese police will quickly break up anything that may materialize remotely into a rebellion of sorts.

  • Yes, the People's Republic of China seems to enjoy violating the rights of others.

    Yes, the People's Republic of China has and continues to violate basic human rights. The sadistic government of this beautiful country has gained the reputation of discarding the welfare of others with ease. With no freedom of speech or the press and the 1 child law just to name a few, the People's Republic of China continues to refuse the Chinese population basic human rights.

  • Yes, The People's Republic of China Violates Human Rights

    The access to information is a right that every human being should have. Each person should be allowed to review any form of information and then assess that information in their own way and on their own terms. Because the Chinese government has a policy of restricting what information its citizens have access to, they are in violation of a human right. There are allegations that more egregious violations exist on the part of the Chinese government, but their policy of censorship is well documented.

  • People's Republic Of China Does Not Violate Human Rights

    The People's Republic of China does not violate human rights. In fact, most of their people live happily there. Although certain situations there come off as a violation of the person's human rights, there's yet to be tremendous outcry there about the country being run the wrong way, therefore, their human rights are intact.

  • Chinese people are so controlled in theit home as well as overseas by their own delusions not to mention by their ignorant govt.

    Chinese people don't have a right to vote. They have no right to freedom of speech. Sadly the Chinese people are happy the way they are organised by the policy of their government.
    China has produced amazing thinkers like Lao Zu but what happened to this civilisation: lost in the pursuit of becoming super power. They are organised by seven powerful people. Typical example is one child policy.... I feel so sad for them as they will be stuck in this situation for long time

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