• The United States pharmaceutical industry makes excess profits.

    I'm not above industries turning a profit, money must be made for the world to go round. However, the current pharmaceutical industry in the United States has taken that premise to disgusting levels. The prices imposed on some medications is staggering, medications sometimes necessary for survival. Then when American consumers attempt to obtain the same medications, made by the same company from a different country at a lower price the pharmaceutical companies start screaming and beating their greedy hands. People simply don't place trust in this particular industry anymore because of these things.

  • Yes, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States makes a lot of money.

    I think that some of the pharmaceutical companies in the industry to make an excess amount of profits. I think that while it may be a little too much, I still think they should have the right to do so. These companies are the ones making the cures and medicine we all need. We should not regulate to how much profit they can make.

  • A new standard of healthcare

    The pharmaceutical industry has been preying on the vulnerable for far too long, disallowing certain medications and holding things back from the public at large for the sake of competition and their own profits. The medical industry needs to be removed from the private sector entirely and placed in the hands of the people.

  • Profits are in line

    The pharmaceutical industry does not make excess profits in the United States. It takes many years for the big drug companies to get a new drug through all the red tape and get it approved for the public. It also takes many millions of dollars for this process to take place.

  • No, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States does not make excess profits.

    The very question of whether or not the pharmaceutical industry in the United States makes excess profits is flawed. The US is a capitalist society, and there is no definition for "excess profits". You make a profit or you don't. Making larger profits is better than smaller profits, and both are better than taking a loss. A better question would be, "Is it morally defensible that the pharmaceutical industry makes large profits while citizens struggle to receive the health care that they need to live?".

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