Does the politics section of debate.Org attract political wackos into trolling each other?

Asked by: deadmojo
  • Heck yeah totally

    The longer I stay on this site the more i think it's complete garbage. Its like the TLC of the internet.
    How the people act on here (not them in general jist their internet actions) are unbearable particualrly in the politics sections and I mean for the right and the keft. Both sides are made up of a bunch of fifteen year olds who say the most pretentious things ive ever heard and clearly have way too much time on their hands if they grt this angry amd self righteous over internet commentators. This is like a dote devoted to the ugliest sections of the youtube comments.

  • Yes I believe so.

    I believe so because I have seen a lot of cases when there's many edgy questions about certain political ideologies, parties, public figures, and more commonly, trivial flaws of a certain country. I believe that the internet and politics don't compute and they are a perfect breeding ground for the most distasteful individuals that look for trendy leftists topics (i.E. America sucks, capitalism sucks, socialism rulez, communism is da only way, foreign tyrannies are better, etc)

  • Stop being a victim

    There are only trolls when you are affected by one. You are all grown up, well some of you... Okay a few of you :P

    The point is, stop being a victim and take your time and make logical responses and move on with your life. There will always be trolls when there are sheep to feed them

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