Does the presence of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party disrupt moderate Islamic efforts to stabilize and unify Syria?

  • Causing some problems

    Yes, I feel like the presence of this party in Syria us causing a lot of problems for the nation. I think if they did something to get rid of this problem, then they would have a lot of their problems go away with them, and have a lot less fighting.

  • Syrian Social Nationalist party will disrupt any opposition

    The whole purpose of having different parties is to prevent the other parties from gaining or holding power. The party system in the US is a prime example of party politics. The goal of each party is not for the betterment of the country, it is to gain control. Of course the nationalists are effecting the unification of Syria. They are the portion that will not unify with those they oppose. Thus, the opposition.

  • They are extremists.

    Yes, the presence of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party disrupts moderate Islamic efforts to stabilize and unify Syria, because the Syrian Social Nationalist Party has an extreme agenda and they are not afraid to use force to impose it. Moderates have not been able to stabilize the country because the Socialist party wants such extreme things.

  • Yes, it does.

    The Syrian Social Nationalist Party is an extremely conservative, radical right wing religious group. When you have groups like this emerge during efforts by a more moderate group of religious folks, it is always going to disrupt things and lead to potential conflict and violence. It's terrible, because the moderate efforts are applaudible.

  • No, it is covert and overt US policy that is disrupting stability

    The US role in providing arms and money to factions of al qaeda in the region that is destabilizing efforts of moderation in the Syrian region, not the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party. If the US would stop interfering in the region with their covert and overt actions, tensions would work themselves out. It’s time for the US to stop trying to play world police.

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