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  • The president does not deserve a raise.

    The president makes enough money as it is. He doesn't have to pay any bills or food or clothes. One of the perks of being president. I am sure he has plenty of money in the bank, and he could retire an not have any income coming in, and still have plenty of money. I think the government is over paid and they should be worrying more about our people than lining their pockets.

  • Considering what he makes now? No.

    How about the President works for a lesser amount of money? Because quite frankly, they don't need fat paychecks when half of this country and even more than that is poverty stricken or on their way to that point. I think that Obama is well paid for his services and he doesn't need more money.

  • He already make more money that I ever will

    The President has a salary that is higher than most Americans will ever receive, and there are so many other benefits that go with the job. Consider that the President doesn't pay rent at the White House. He also receives health care and a salary after he leaves the Presidency.

  • No, he is paid in other ways.

    He is paid in power, in influence, in prestige, and in experience. Intangible things, I know, but money does not equal any of those other things. Money can LEAD to those other things, but is not a guarantee of those. So, in essence, being President has a reward that is far greater than what money can buy, and he is being paid daily in intangible, undeniable ways.

  • No he does not

    The president of the United States is in many ways the most powerful man on earth. He has the power to destroy the world with the push of a button. His words can send stock markets in to a tail spin or to the heights of prosperity. He has an enormous staff to see to his every need. This president in particular is probably making the most money per year that he ever has in his life. He doesn't need a raise.

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