• The President is a figurehead,

    Responsible for signing bills into law, the creation of budget proposals, managing his cabinet officials, and maintaining diplomatic relations abroad. The President has a significant amount of responsibility but more often than not, credit is attributed (good and bad) for events out of his control. Examples include: passing of congressional legislation, managing the economy/business cycle, economic changes due to globalization, and changes in tastes by society.

  • Yes, the president is a glorified quarterback with none of the drawbacks.

    Yes, the president gets too much credit when things go well. If the economy is up and rising, the president is credited with enacting the policies. When a new law helps the people, the president is immediately praised for helping create it in the first place. This is the nature of being a figure head. When things are good, you get to reap the benefits of being in charge. However, on the flip side, when things go wrong you automatically get blamed. The president so far has avoided this calamity. It seems he only gets the praise, but is immune to criticism. If you say anything bad about the president, you put yourself in the cross hairs of racism.

  • The President doesn't do everything.

    As the Head of State, the President gets all of the attention. He does do quite a bit, but he doesn't do it all. The other members of the government don't have such a public position, so they don't get that much attention. The President doesn't do everything, but he gets the credit and the blame for it all.

  • No, he is constantly working.

    The president has a lot of responsibilities that go unnoticed each day because he has to be kept apprised of the situations of a great many things at once, so I imagine he has meetings and phone calls constantly. The sort of daily grind that he goes through must be grueling and yet he also has to be prepared for any situation that comes about unexpectedly in our country or internationally. It seems to me that he gets little credit except for the large agenda type programs like Obama Care and those large agendas, as we've seen, are very difficult to obtain.

  • He Doesn't Get Enough

    The President doesn't get too much credit. I would actually argue that he does not get enough. That position is a tough one to have and comes with lots of responsibilities. The president also gets blamed for others misfortunes and has a lot of weight on their shoulders. We need to give presidents more praise.

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