Does the President need to take action on climate change?

  • Yes

    As our president, it is his job to lead and help Americans. We have so many things addressed on the news that are not relevant to our well being, such as blog posts, celebrity news etc that have overtaken the important things. At the very least the president needs to address this issue on national TV to let us know that he recognizes this as an issue and has a plan to go forward in trying to fix it.

  • Yes, he must show the people climate change is an issue.

    It is the job of the president to lead the people of America forward. Since the American people clearly do not consider climate change to be a serious issue (take a look at Fox News) it must be the job of the government and president to push us forward towards solving this national and global crisis.

  • Yes, it is his job to represent.

    I do believe for the common good of the planet it is time he steps up to plate. Climate change isn't going to fix itself. I don't think we can give this subject enough attention. He needs to stand up, present the facts, and use his influence to get some balls rolling.

  • Yes, I think the debate needs to be raised

    Don't get me wrong, there are bigger issues that the president needs to pay attention to first. But I do think due to the prevalence of the conversation and the fact that its obvious that there is an issue out there, the president needs to at least start a conversation on the topic.

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