Does the President of the United States have meaningful control over job creation statistics?

  • Yes

    I think that the government can manipulate the numbers to say what they want them to say. It is a corrupt world and they can do things to make it seem one way or another. We need to just find some one that will be honest and tell it how it is no matter what the numbers say.

  • Yes the President of the United States does have meaningful control over job creation statistics

    If you think about it, the President can either help small businesses to thrive, or doom them to languish and fail. He can do this by lowering taxes for them, reducing the need for all the legal red tape, permits, licenses, etc that are needed to start up a business all of which costs money that a lot simply can't afford, lessen the restrictions on activity as to what can be sold and what can't, and stop allowing big businesses to get away with things they cannot along with saturating the market with their goods.

    All of that plays a definite role in job creation and the economy as a whole with it. If you simply level the playing field, you can create a market where job creation will come much easier, and drop the unemployment rate considerably in so doing.

    So yeah I do think the President has an impact in job creation statistics, as by what he does or doesn't do, the consequences of that show in the labor force.

  • No

    Why is it the government's responsibility to create jobs beyond the public sector (which by the way has always been used by the Republican party in the past to boost the economy - yet, now they seem to be all about cuts to the public sector, sabotage perhaps?) It's like a parent that has to bribe a child to do chores. It's apparent that capitalism and deregulation has only led to more corruption and greed. When the folks in powerful positions are driven by money over innovation, do we really expect them to hire and improve the country in some way? The private sector has congress by the balls, both sides. If we want to see drastic changes, start by eliminating the special interest ties and campaign funding altogether. Let's elect politicians based on tangible ideas and not their ability to fund raise. Take money out of the equation starting with how we elect local officials and then see the positive results of the trickle down effect.

  • U.S. Has Free Market Economy

    The United States has a free market economy. The American government only has limited control over the economy to help troubled aspects of the economic situation. The president of the United States can't manipulate job statistics since the private sector and consumers control the free market economy and not the government. To blame a president for the economy is far-fetched at worst.

  • The President of the US Cannot Control Statistics

    While the POTUS is certainly capable of producing statistics and recalling information, I don't believe he can actually meaningfully control the numbers. Stating random numbers could be a simple tactic, but in the end would unavoidably prove to be his folly. Jobs that are created or lost is in the hands of the free market -- with the exception of government jobs -- and can only be influenced by government and the president through means such as economic policy.

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