• They seem to have no boundaries

    Yes, I believe that the press have way to much leeway. They are given to right to invade people's privacy without any consequences. It is unfair to those that re being violated. Then when those that are being violated decide that they have had enough and strike back, sometimes physically, then they become the villain.

  • The press gets away with too much.

    The press has too much leeway today. They get away with way too many things under the guise of "investigative journalism." The press is simply nosy and since people like gossip, reporters and media outlets get away with it. We need more respect for authority and more limits set so reporters can't just go in and blow up on the media what is meant to stay secret.

  • Yes, the press is not held to acceptable standards

    The press in the United States has way too much leeway and is not held to acceptable standards of journalism. In short, news outlets are too biased. Fox news is a conservative propaganda machine while MSNBC is a liberal propaganda machine. Journalists are supposed to be as objective and unbiased as possible and they are clearly not held to the same standards they were in the Cronkite era. Yes, there has always been "yellow" journalism but it is at an all time low today.

  • No They Don't

    If anything, I believe the freedom of the press has been reduced during the Obama administration. I do not believe they receive too much leeway because some are constantly harassed by authorities from the federal government. I believe the press needs more leeway so they report fair and balanced information to the American people without worrying about consequences.

  • No, the press does not have too much leeway.

    I think the press should be allowed to conduct themselves in whatever way they want to as long as it is within the confines of the laws. I do think however that the press these days act more like puppets than independent entities who are in search of the truth.

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