Does the problem of God and evil make evil an ally of atheism?

Asked by: Sophisto
  • Careful how you judge.

    Calling God evil, especially by atheists, implies a smokescreen being tossed into the debate to shroud the culpability and protect atheism from further accusation. Either God is evil or his enemies are. I don't see God directly, outright exposing atheists as evil, yet atheists feel the need for a preemptive finger-pointing. As long as God remains silent, the atheists will continue to flaunt their advantage. They're not shy about it. God is. Rue the day when the tables turn.

  • I Strongly Agree...

    Atheism is ally with Evil because if people who don't believe in God and the bible, then that's a sin because if you are Christian, you don't say you don't believe in God and the bible, if you say it then you're not a Christian, you are a Athiest. Also, if a person who is a Athiest disrespect God and the Bible and do Evil stuff E.G. Murder, Violence, etc, then God will see that this person is evil and is a ally of evil (and Religious People too).

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Atheists are clearly the cause of many bad things. Last week one served me in a restaurant and it turned out the mash potato had a face of Jesus in it. It was clearly a sign to be careful that a Godless wretch was near by. Had I not received the sign from God then this mash might well of been eaten!!

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