• No, the production of biofuels helps global biodiversity.

    I do not think that the production of biofuels disrupts global biodiversity. I think that it will help actually. I think that a lot of countries would support such a thing because nations would benefit from it. I also think that it would be something that is important to the health of the environment.

  • Production of biofuels does disrupt global biodiversity

    The most popular biofuel at the moment is ethanol from corn. Corn is already receiving subsidies for high fructose corn syrup. Beyond that, corn is an actual product in itself. Production of corn is reducing biodiversity. Farmers will choose to grow corn if they can just to get the related subsidies. Why grow anything else?

  • Lesser of two evils.

    We need an alternative to fossil fuels. Bio fuels may not be the best solution but they're better then being dependent on oil like we are now. Bio fuels may be the best way to slowly get away from fossil fuels and on to other energy sources. Unfortunately their will be many more sacrifices we have to make along the way.

  • We have diversity.

    No, the production of biofuels does not disrupt global biodiversity, because there are still many other types of fuel. We are also not only dependent on biofuels. There are a lot of other types of energy that people can depend on. Biofuels are one way that we can be more energy and environmentally friendly.

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