Does the protection of public safety justify random, mandatory drug testing throughout society?

Asked by: lukez924
  • We NEED this!

    DUI's cost the United States 132 billion dollars each year. This is ridiculous!!! Our country is falling apart at the seams and it is time that we take our country back. Drug and alcohol abuse cost employers nearly 100 billion each year due to lost productivity. Our country would be in much better shape if we had Mandatory random drug tests throughout society.

  • It will be safer.

    With society being randomly drug tested, people would be a lot safer. The majority of the people on the streets are on the streets because of drugs and alcohol abuse. With these tests, it will keep people off the streets and therefore safer for society. In the long run, spending a little more now to gain a lot more later. Priorities or?

  • It will help

    In the last five years 5,700 people were killed due to drug related things. That's more then the death toll in Afghanistan since 2001! Clearly something has to be done and this is a good place to start. You might say it's too expensive though, no. We already spend over $40 billion a year just fighting against drugs, by spending a little money we save a lot. Drug tests range from $1 to $50. Thats not even per test too. Clearly we need to do this

  • There's no need

    This is poor logic. The NSA sweeps up data from absolutely everybody in the name of "security." The TSA screens people with invasive scanners and has absurd restrictions on things you can carry onto a plane in the name of "security." There are "checkpoints" along the southwest region of the US to catch illegal immigrants. Nobody in the US is actually under any obligation to do anything they say, but people don't know that. Are we going to say that we should randomly pat down people coming out of department stores to make sure they're not stealing? I could go on, but I think I've already belabored the point.

  • Nothing is more personal than a person's body

    I personally don't even approve of private companies testing although I suppose it's their company and they can do what they want. But for the government to do this is a gross infringement as it invades a person's most personal of spaces, their own body. Doing this is basically saying "the Constitution is meaningless".

    Besides that not all drugs can be tested for. People will just start taking everything and anything that isn't in the tests. And we can't just keep modifying the tests. You can get high if you take enough Benadryl (and taking enough to do that is quite dangerous I might add), so we'd have to ban that to make sure people aren't getting high on it. And you can say goodbye to cough medicines too. And even after all that LSD can not be tested for without spinal taps. Do you want the government to spinal tap everybody to make sure they aren't taking LSD? Accidents can happen during spinal taps as it is very delicate procedure given it involves the spinal column.

    And don't forget alcohol and tobacco. Leave out alcohol and this will result in more drunks.

    And then there's rape victims who will test positive for drugs they were slipped and get in trouble for it. That isn't good.

  • Violates Constitutional and Birth Rights

    The protection of public safety by random drug testing throughout society should only be mandatory if there is reason to believe that the person has been doing drugs. Yes, this would stop many from doing drugs, but it would also inevitably spark up much debate and unnecessary violence. There would be protests and it would create many more problems than it would be solving. Theoretically, it is a good idea. Realistically, it will not happen because of all the drama it would create.

  • That is absurd

    Who would pay for it? I don't want my tax dollars going towards that, it does not even sound constitutional. Drug testing random people is a massive invasion of privacy, and it will never have the support of the American people. The war on drugs has failed, and it has not made any of us safer, it is time to let it go.

  • It isn't free

    Random drug testing would just cost more money for the tax payers of the United States. It is also an invasion of time and privacy to the people getting random drug tests. Also, who is to say we will catch a lot of people with drugs? Popular drugs such as marijuana only stay in your system for 4-6 days. Are we going to drug test people every 4-6 days? If not then we won't catch many people, therefore it will not be worth the money.

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