• Let the family grieve

    I get that people love celebrities. But one of the darkest aspects of celebrity culture is the fascination with celebrity deaths. When someone dies, we spend 24-36 hours mourning them in very public fashion, with online tributes, but eventually it goes away. Only for someone like David Bowie does this make sense; his records are selling huge after his death, which is good for his family. But for a celebrity like Bobby Kristina Brown, she's not even really a celebrity, she's just the daughter of someone famous. Let the family grieve in private without subjecting them to unfair and prying attention.

  • Too much attention is paid to Bobbi Kristina Brown's death

    There has been too much attention paid to Bobbi Kristina Brown's death. Although it is tragic, and her tale is sad, the public should care much more about the happenings in their own community. She is a young and her potential will remain unfilled. However, the public should focus more on unsung heroes such as police officers and those in the military that protect us from harm.

  • It's Entertainment News for Most

    The public absolutely cares about Bobbi Kristina Brown's death because it is a famous entertainers daughter who had a large fan base. The public is also infatuated with celebrity lifestyles and wants to hear all about it. There is also an attraction to this case because it may show a bit how much a celebrity like Whitney Houston may have led her life and how it reflected on her daughter.

  • No, Bobbi Kristina Brown's death received a fair amount of coverage.

    As the daughter of an important musical figure, Bobbi Kristina Brown had long been in the eye of the public, and many people followed her through the years. Her story is a tragic one, and it outlined some of the demons that haunted her mother. In all, Bobbi Kristina Brown's death received only a moderate amount of press coverage, which was fair.

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