Does the reality and necessity of chronic care imply that certain medical issues can never truly be overcome?

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  • Medicine makes constant advances

    It is true that with a growing elderly population it might look like that chronic care is inevitable for most people, and that certain things will never be healed fully or have cures discovered. However, it is the for the reason that medicine discovers cures that people are getting to live so long in the first place. Ironically, chronic care of the elderly proves that medical issues can be overcome, because they have been.

  • No, there may be a cure some day

    Chronic care is necessary for medical issues there are no cures for, yet. But some day in the future, with proper research and medical testing there could be cures and better treatments for these illnesses. A good way to make this happen sooner is if science would focus more on curing real illness rather than worry lines and birth control.

  • It is management.

    No, the reality and necessity of chronic care does not imply that certain medical issues can never truly be overcome, because there is always the hope that the person will improve. In the meantime, the illness or the pain needs to be managed, and the person needs some help. This is not giving up.

  • No, not at all.

    I think it proves that there are certain conditions that we have not yet been able to cure, but not that certain conditions will never be cured or overcome. Chronic care is of utmost importance to a person's quality of life and, until we find complete remedies, it is a must.

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