Does the recent death of actor Stephen Lee warrant the need for more awareness of cardiac issues?

  • Awareness of cardiac issues should be increased

    Growing number of cardiac issues and consequent death cases should be flagged and tackled with priority. Additional information materials and advice o the issue should be circled to a wider circle of patients and family members. If need be charity initiatives can be promoted. Wider discussions among society members can help limit fatal cases.

  • Yes the death of the very talented actor Stephen Lee of a heart attack will bring attention cardiac issues.

    The untimely death of talented actor Stephen Lee of a heart attack will serve to bring needed attention the issues of cardiac health and care. Mr. Lee was only 58 at the time of his death and in good health. However he did have high risk factors for cardiac and choose not to address those issues. Hopeful people will not pay more attention to the issues of heart health.

  • Yes, more awareness needed

    I think that although it is sad Stephen Lee has passed away, that not only because of him but also all the other regular people that die we need more done. I think that there are stories all the time of kids who were playing sports and never knew there was a problem. I feel the more we know about the conditiion and can detect the better for everyone else.

  • People Do Die

    Many people die of heart related issues every year. I don't even know who Stephen Lee is, so bringing up awareness for a cause under his name is not going to make me more aware of the issue. Let's be honest, humans die. All humans die of one cause or another. While we have the ability to research and improve conditions, it doesn't mean that we should attempt to leverage things based off what happens to one celebrity, after all, they are just human.

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