Does the recent Indian submarine accident make the Indian Navy appear incompetent?

  • Any navy looks bad after an accident

    The Indian submarine accident might not prove that the Indian Navy is incompetent, but it does very much make them look incompetent. Accidents happen to anyone anytime, but a naval force is supposed to be trained, funded and equipped to protect itself and its nation. So, when it has an accident outside of combat, it does look bad.

  • Yes, the incident with the Indian submarine makes them appear incompetent.

    I definitely think that the recent incident with the Indian submarine makes the country's military appear incompetent. I did not even know that India had a submarine until I had read about it. I think that not only does the incident make the country of India look incompetent, it is also a bit troubling.

  • Sometimes accidents will happen.

    I think that firstly, it was a huge shock to many Americans that India even has submarines in their Navy. But no, I doubt that the overall sentiment is that it made them look incompetent. Accidents happen from time to time. Yes, even in the most disciplined of Navies. Let's not be too harsh on them, okay?

  • not at all

    No, in any country in the world if you wait long enough you are going to have a big accident that is going to do a lot of damage. i think that this one is not any different than any that we might have had in the past few years.

  • No not necessarily

    Just because an accident took place with the Indian Navy does not make he question actually true. As the question states it was an accident. We are all humans and thus accidents are known to take place not only in India but, as well as other places as well too.

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