Does the recent sale of a vintage GM bus bode well for the company's legacy?

  • GM Vintage Bus Sale Continues The Legacy of a Great Brand.

    Anything that you have around for over 50 years and are able to sell has to be a great thing for you or your brand. It shows that the brand is lasting and does build product of some quality. Although I am sure that there are people that will argue with me, but the Futureliner by GM was a great looking bus for its time. I mean if that was my school bus I probably would have spent more time in class.

  • GM's legacy is not intact

    GM's legacy is not intact despite its sale of a bus. The car companies have been making a lot of mistakes in the past 20 years or so, with less quality materials and more errors in manufacturing. They can improve their legacy by reducing prices and using more steel to make their vehicles.

  • No, vintage bus sale not good for GM

    There is nothing to gain by selling a vintage bus. As there were only a few of these buses made, selling one only raises the value of the bus, and does nothing for GM's legacy. To really impact its legacy, GM should release an updated model of the same bus.

  • The GM legacy is made from more than one bus.

    Auto maker GM is also a maker of industrial vehicles, SUVS, trucks and buses. The recent sale of a bus from its line will not impact a legacy the company has forged over the decades. GM enjoys a solid legacy within the auto world due to its consistency, quality vehicles and popularity with the consumers.

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