Does the recent Turkish lift of a ban on YouTube hint progress in human rights in the country?

  • Yes, this is a good step.

    I think any time that citizens are granted more rights and more freedoms, especially in the use of the Internet, it can only be seen as a step in the right direction. The restriction of the Internet is much like restriction on education or the banning of books. It's attempting to control people's actions through the use of ignorance.

  • Lift on YouTube ban shows human rights progress

    The lift of the YouTube ban by Turkish authorities clearly shows progress in human rights. Freedom of individuals to access the internet freely is a sign of basic human rights together with freedom of expression in the media. Any step towards this must therefore indicate that human rights are being taken more seriously in Turkey and is a move towards equalisation.

  • It is just one thing.

    No, the recent Turkish lift on the ban on YouTube does not hint progress in human rights in the country, because YouTube is just one small thing. Turkey has a long ways to go when it comes to human rights, and also when it comes to the rights of women. This is a stunt to fool the West into thinking they are progressive.

  • No, the Turkish ban on YouTube does not hint at human rights progress.

    No, Turkey has a very long way to go in the human rights arena, and the recent lift of the YouTube ban is not a sign that they are making progress. The ban on YouTube could be put back in place at any time, and meanwhile the people of Turkey are still subject to many human rights violations.

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