Does the Regular Smoking of Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer or in Any Way Permanently Injure the Lungs?

  • Yes and no depends what you smoke the marijuana out of.

    If you smoke out of a plastic bottle then yes you are going to get cancer, but all in all smoke is not good for your lungs. Doing it occasionally should keep you safe and smoking out of glass with water in the piece will all help you. I am pro marijuana and smoke every day but the argument that it is a plant or it is old does not mean it is safe. Heroin starts as a plant and so does cocaine. And honestly it can be addicting, I know this because I have been addicted to it for a while now and while there are no "physical" withdrawal symptoms there are psychological ones due to the body reacting to the sudden lack of something that it is used to having leading to sleeplessness, agitation, and lack of appetite. These are the symptoms that I experience when I go anywhere from 12hours-a day without smoking. If you have good self control and know moderation then you will be perfectly fine but if you are impulsive or have an addictive personality I would recommend you stay away.

  • Yes it does

    Smoking anything can cause lung cancer and can potentially injure the lungs, maybe even permanently. Smoking marijuana is not exempt from this. Marijuana itself may be harmless, but ingesting it via smoking is not the safest way to consume it. There are other methods that are much safer. Smoking is bad.

  • Smoke is bad for the lungs

    In the long run, any amount of smoke that collects in your lungs is bad. One of the only anti-pot ads I've ever seen on TV that was true was, pot contains 4 times as much tar as tobacco. In my youth, I only needed look at the inside of a pot pipe to know that's true. While I don't believe it's as bad for you physically as alcohol, there's no way that smoke in mass quantities is good for your lungs.

  • No it does not.

    As scientific studies have shown so far smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer, and does not permanently injure the lungs. It does irritate them as you are inhaling smoking and can cause stress to the brochinle tubes, but the damage is not permanent and can be reversed with either medication or by stopping.

  • Smoking is harmful regardless of the substance.

    Smoking, regardless of the substance, is harmful to one's health and has the potential to cause cancer. In this regard, it is completely possible for the habitual smoking of marijuana to cause permanent damage to the lung's. The only way to prevent damage to the lungs as the result of marijuana is through alternate ways of ingestion.

  • I don’t think that the regular smoking of marijuana causes lung cancer or in any way permanently injures the lungs.

    I don’t think that the regular smoking of marijuana causes
    lung cancer or in any way permanently injures the lungs. Smoking marijuana is nothing at all like
    smoking tobacco. Many tobacco smokers
    eventually get lung cancer or other breathing complications, while many
    marijuana smokers seem to have no negative cumulative effect.

  • Pot is fine

    Marijuana does not cause lung cancer, as every study as shown. The attempts to tie marijuanas effects to cigarettes is a desperate attempt to keep marijuana illegalized in the face of Colorado and Washington's legalization of it. Ironically, these same people are not pushing for banning tobacco but under their logic they should.

  • No, not that I am aware of.

    Smoking in general usually causes harm to the lungs, but as far as I remember Marijuana did not cause lung cancer, or have serious injuries on the lungs. From what I do understand is that Marijuana is more likely to cause brain issues after a long term effect for quite a while.

  • Marijuana is thousands of years old

    Marijuana is thousands of years old... Discovered by a Chinese country or state way back when. They used it for medical purposes, and those with pain or other illnesses have used it routinely and none have died. Excessive smoking of it (equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes a day) might be a bit obsessive and may cause damage, but routine smoking a bowl or two a day is not going to harm you.

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